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Mommy & Me...
Daddy & Me Too...

"An Introduction to  Basic Ballet and Basic Tumbling"

Mommy & Me...Daddy & Me Too

A Creative Movement Class that introduces students to dance while bonding with mommy or daddy! We create a playful and fun atmosphere for our young dancers to express themselves with their parents, letting them fall in love with the art of movement! Students will be able to learn creative movement, basic ballet techniques, stretching fundamentals, basic tumbling posture, flexibility, coordination as well as social skills! Our instructor incorporates playful songs and routines to each class, making it an even more enjoyable experience for students and parents. Skills learned in Mommy/Daddy and me will give students the advantage and  the opportunity to level up into Just Dance Too's year-round program without having to audition or wait until they reach a certain age.

Benefits of This Class

• Improved sense of confidence and independence
• Learning how to express individual creativity
• Development of motor skills
• Learning how to listen and follow directions in a class setting
• Dance Class readiness


Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Thursday

*Make up days are welcomed*

Tuition: $90 Monthly
Contract requirement: 6 Months

My expectations for this class is to create another experience that you can both share. We’re going to work on building confidence and being in a fun environment while doing so. There may be times when your little one will be challenged and that’s okay; new obstacles and challenges can be scary, but with Mommy and Daddy’s support anything is possible. “Whenever in doubt, Mommy and Daddy will be there to put the fire out.” They say that every child needs a village and I’m so excited to be apart of it. LET’S JUST DANCE!”

-Ms. Shalon


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